Alistair Goodwin – Live in Lockdown

Next Show: Saturday 11th July 2020 8:30pm BST

Live on facebook & YouTube

Already lots of work going on behind the scenes to set up Live in Lockdown VII

I’m pretty sure this one will be great fun and literally spectacular !

I’m planning to curate the first ever online stream of the full Blue Gnu performance, and access the online chat live to share the experience with you. It’ll be a rare chance for me to present a performance, and be part of the audience with you at the same time. I’m really excited about it 🙂

We’ll also be joined online by many of the 38 musicians involved, technical crew and hopefully members of the original audience, and get to hear and discuss their perspectives. I can’t wait. I love the idea that this will form a document of an event that we can all join in with. Then we’ll have another quick chat again online before I introduce the premiere of Stone Cold’s latest release. If you’re familiar with my music, you’ll recognise the track… and get to see what happens when a full band gets to work on a simple acoustic theme 😀

This should be a really nice get together and sociable event amongst some lovely people, so please come and join in and be a part of something I think will be truly magical.


 And by all means, feel free to invite a friend or two. It means a lot to me to be able to share my music with you all. 

If you enjoy the concert, and feel able to do so, then please consider making a concert donation, but only if you feel able to do so.
Anything you can spare is incredibly gratefully received. 

…In the meantime, stay safe and look after each other.

We’re getting there !

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Alistair’s Live Stream Project

Alistair Goodwin - Live Streaming


In the days leading up to the performance the ‘Get Reminder’ buttons in the posts above will allow you to receive a one off reminder prior to the performance starting. At the time of the performance this button should change to provide a ‘watch now’ button, (you may need to ‘refresh your browser’ by pressing f5 on a PC or clicking the circular ‘refresh’ symbol at the top of your browser on most devices at the time of the broadcast in order to pick up the stream feed). Alternatively, you can click on the red and black ‘Live Streaming’ logo provided here to be taken to the facebook page, where the broadcast can also be found.


Technical Tips:

  • If, for any reason the stream breaks during the concert, please try ‘refreshing your browser’ by pressing f5 or clicking the refresh circle at the top of your browser window.
  • If the sound appears massively out of sync, this is most likely an issue with your internet connection and can sometimes be resolved by refreshing the stream (as above).
  • Please make sure that you only have the performance playing in one tab or browser. If you are hearing an excessive echo then this is probably the issue. You may have another window or tab open with a second version of the same performance playing simultaneously.




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